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Elizabeth Fontenot


Elizabeth is a graduate from Alma College with a BA in English and a minor in music. She has been a crafter all her life thanks to her mother. She enjoys the making process and giving something positive back to the world. She lives full time on the road in her cozy camper with her husband and her cat.

I like old things--not antiques, specifically, just old things. I feel like they carry with them the stories they've seen: the lives, adventures, and loves of the people who have owned them and used them. That's why I use real old things in my work for Carpe Librum. The text in my design work comes from a collection of antique Remington typewriters. The primary model used is a 1926 Remington Portable. The typed words from these machines are then carefully lit and photographed. These high resolution images are then cleaned up by digital pen and often combined with hand lettering (which goes through the same photography process), hand drawn sketches, and digitally altered objects. This process creates designs with an organic, vintage feel that helps tie the stories we read and tell today with the stories of our past.

I'd love to share this journey with you.

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